Super Resolution for Anime Image

An algorithm specially designed for anime, use artificial intelligence to enhance anime images losslessly by 4 times

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  • Style:

      Default: Focus on the image details, can choose different noise reduction level (style:0)

      Sharp: Focus on the image sharpening, improve the visual quality, but will remove some of the details (style:1)


      Low: For normal images and JPG images (denoise:0)

      Medium: For Unity3D game compression images (denoise:1)

      High: For normal images and scanned images with fine grain noise (denoise:2)

      Highest: For scanned images with small particle noise (denoise:3)

      Ultimate: For scanned images with big particle noise (denoise:4)


      JPG: Lossy compression, smaller files size, suitable for fast download (format:jpg)

      PNG: Lossless compression, bigger files size, but the download speed is slow (format:png)

  • Suitable for anime-style images. If you upload a realistic style and zoom in, it will become an ink painting style.

  • To maintain high GPU server fees. Paid users will have priority over free users.

  • For the free version is zoom in to 3000x3000px,5MB, the paid version is 100 million pixels, 50MB,

  • If the conversion fails, you can go to the login page. Click the refund button to refund the premium points.

  • The points and valid date will be accumulated. Six purchases of the premium plan will be equivalent to a pro plan.

  • Not currently, it will be added in the future

  • You can view the history of the past 3 days after you log in

  • The image uploaded and enlarged by the user will be automatically deleted after 3 days, other people cannot find the image.